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Even after finding you’re forever home in Charlotte, NC, sometimes life changes require you to make adjustments around your home. You may need more space with time, or your property might need to fit your taste better.

Are you thinking of adding new areas to your residence or want to increase your property’s value? Hiring home addition contractors to help you figure out how to use your space best can take the headaches away. Home addition contractors specialize in improving your current property to accommodate new growth and development. To help you start, we at Charlotte Remodeling Inc. have listed several keynotes to reflect on when choosing from different home additions.


How To Plan a Home Addition

Ask yourself the following questions before you hire a contractor, as these can guide you before and during all project management stages.

Why Do You Want an Addition?

Many property owners decide on this kind of remodeling project because they need to make more space in a home they love. If your remodeling project involves home improvement, it is one of the best ideas to enhance the value of your property. 

For reselling your house, a qualified local realtor will know the pros and cons of home renovation versus home remodeling. Consider speaking with them to discuss the impact of each option on property value.

What Kind of Home Addition do You Want?

Several additions allow you to expand the space of your existing property. Some options include:

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kitchen remodeling charlotte

New floor: Adding a new upper floor is one of the more extensive additions. This home improvement project takes the most time and money. Home addition contractors will inspect the current foundation and walls to see whether they can handle any new weight.

New basement: You can build a new basement in an existing house by basement remodeling. It can even accommodate a new kitchen and bathroom or recreational space.

Cantilever additions: Cantilevers or room additions often attach and extend to existing rooms. They generally appear on the second floor and bump out further than the rest of the house without external supports like posts. Some can be as small as two feet, creating more cabinet space, or as large as ten, accommodating a new room.

Room extensions: Side and back home additions add new ground-level space to your home. While front additions are not as common, home addition contractors could build them with district approval. 

Transform the porch: Consider turning your porch into a sunroom with new walls and broad windows. Sturdy construction and extended heating and lighting can make it an additional living room or office.

What Kind of Home Addition Is Possible?

Generally, you must have a 20-foot space between home additions and the front property line. Side additions must be five to ten feet away from the line, and back additions must be 15 feet from the back.

Regardless, you need approval for your home addition from the district zoning authority. The general rules may differ for every municipality. If you hire a contractor for your project, they can take approvals on your behalf taking the stress away.

Without a building permit, your home addition will not be legal. You may need to get it yourself when working with some builders. Licensed and qualified home addition contractors know how to get a building permit for an addition to your home.

How Much Does Home Addition Cost?

Home additions are not inexpensive. Before planning your home improvement project, it’s essential to keep in mind that these can cost thousands of dollars. And it’s also recommended to have another 10 to 20% of overcharge in case of any undesirable developments.

Home additions are costly because contractors are building off the existing design, as it is more complicated to add to an existing property than create an entirely new one.

How Long Does a Home Addition Take?

These projects can take anywhere between several weeks to months to complete. More comprehensive plans and additions require extra time for your home addition contractors to make your dream a reality.

Try arranging living accommodations, like in a hotel, or stagger construction times so you can stay in the home during the process. Doing so can help you stay comfortable as the contractors work on your home additions project.

Hire Vetted and Qualified Home Addition Contractors

No matter how you move forward, hiring professionals for such a significant project is the way to go. Professional home addition contractors can lift some pressure off your shoulders with their expertise in the field. 

Check their credentials before making your final choice.

You can hire an expert contractor team from Charlotte Remodeling Inc. We know how to get a building permit for an addition to your home, how to appropriately approximate building costs, and more. We pride ourselves in our top-notch customer service, exquisite home design, and construction services.

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