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How To Remodel A Bathroom?


Are you looking for tips to remodel your bathroom

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Bathroom renovations can be stressful and comprise a significant portion of your home renovation budget. If you want your bathroom to look serene and luxurious, the remodeling jobs must be well planned and executed under the supervision of an expert remodeling contractor.

There are several decisions to be made during the remodeling process, like the choice of sanitary fittings, time frame, and budget for the remodeling work. A remodeling contractor can provide you with an exact estimate of the time and costs involved in the entire process and assist you in getting through the renovation period as smoothly as possible.

However, certain questions concerning bathroom remodeling work often concern the homeowners, and we will answer some of them today.

How to Remodel a Small Bathroom?


Choose light colors

If you have a small bathroom that needs painting work, it’s best to use lighter colors for wall paints and furnishings. For example, soft gray walls are pretty trendy among homeowners in the US. However, if you wish to add some more colors, consider icy blue, seafoam green, warm white, and butter yellow. When combined with white trim and cabinetry, these colors work well to give a spacious look to your small bathroom.

Visually raise the bathroom ceiling

Visually raising the bathroom ceiling is one of the best ways to make the whole room feel larger. To begin with, you can replace large crown molding with narrower crown molding painted to match the ceiling because heavy, dark crown molding will overpower a small room. You might also reconsider the lighting in the room. Replace a hanging ceiling fixture with recessed lighting for a cleaner look. 

Use Glass for Your Shower Partition

While textured glass shower doors provide some privacy, clear glass shower doors integrate the shower into the rest of the bathroom rather than cutting it off like a curtain or half wall. If your remodeling budget allows, consider replacing a tub with a standing shower and installing a shower with glass sidewalls and a clear glass door.

Go for Pocket Doors

A pocket door is retracted into the wall to maximize your small bathroom’s footprint. Installing a pocket door needs re-framing the wall to create a narrow space for the door to slide. This change takes up only a few inches of space in the adjoining room. If you’re remodeling a master bathroom, you can add a pocket door with a frosted privacy glass panel to visually open up the space.

Do I need Permits for Bathroom Remodel?

When making changes to your home’s plumbing, electrical, or structural components, you must obtain a permit from the Department of Buildings. 

However, minor changes to improve the aesthetics, like painting rooms, repairing plaster, or refinishing floors, do not necessitate a permit. For example, you won’t need a permit for simple repairs or direct replacement of existing fixtures such as toilets and sinks, as these are cosmetic enhancements.

On the other hand, most electrical work, including handling electrical wires in a residential home or business, requires an electrical permit.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

The average time for a complete bathroom renovation can range from three weeks to two months. However, if you need help with plumbing or electrical work, you will also need some additional time. Also, if you are going for a DIY approach instead of hiring a remodeling contractor, you can expect it to take about two weeks longer than usual.

There are some other factors that can affect the tenure of bathroom renovation rests, namely –  

Scope of work

Do you wish to rebuild everything from scratch or just a cosmetic rework? If you tear everything down and start over, it will take anywhere between 6-8 weeks. However, cosmetic work can be completed in a much shorter interval. 

Availability of materials

Material availability can have a significant impact on project completion time. If you have all of the materials on hand, it will not affect your project’s duration. However, the project may get delayed if you have to order custom cabinets or tiles from an overseas supplier. 

Design Changes

Making last-minute changes when the renovation is underway can be costly and time-consuming. You can avoid this by emphasizing planning before the project begins. It’s always good to avoid design changes once the project has started.

Remodeling is an excellent way to give your bathroom a new lease on life and improve its overall look and functionality. By having professional remodeling contractors by your side, you can be sure of completing the project on time and under your budget.